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Seasonal pricing
If you want to join in the cozy assembly of regular caravans at the campsite, or just lie for yourself, you have the option of both here

Camping 2021

Seasonal pricing

Spring * Autumn ** Whole Season ***
Site category 1 **** 3.900,00 2.400,00 8.950,00
Site category 2 **** 3.800,00 2.300,00 8.450,00
Site category 3 ***** 3.400,00 1.900,00 7.750,00
Pr. extra person 450,00 800,00
Guest card 150,00 250,00
Winter storage 600,00
Electricity by meter 3,50 / kWh
* 26/3 - 26/6
** 07/8 - 02/10
*** 26/3 - 02/10
**** Incl. 2 adults and children/grandchildren under the age of 18
***** Incl. 1adult and children/grandchildren under the age of 18

If you are interested in winter storage, all inquiries must go through the reception.

for hele familien
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