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The Campsite
You will get a feeling of sitting in the middle of the forest while also hearing the relaxing sound of "Vesterhavet"

Tranum klit camping

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Need a break?

Do you and your family need a break from a busy life. If so, Tranum Klit Camping has the right surroundings. Our big camping units are surrounded by trees and you will be sitting among oaks and pines as you hear the sounds from “Vesterhavet” as we call the North Sea. From the west side of the camping site there is a path leading you directly to the sea. This is your chance to relax and enjoy the silence.

With our location Tranum Klit Camping is the ideal base for an active family vacation with short distance to one of the best mountain bike paths in the country. The “Tranum Klit Bike Path” is just outside your door along with spectacular hiking paths. If you are unable to bring your own bike we rent both mountain bikes and standard bikes.

We have a small shop where you can by ice cream, soda, beer, snacks, and any other things you might need. Every morning from eight o’clock we have warm rolls available for you. During the season we will arrange different events, all which will be announced on our Facebook page, in our newsletter and at the information board at the reception.

Tranum Klit Camping is located in nature. On our 32 acres we have 230 large camping units, each surrounded by trees offering shelter and a private sphere. From the west end of our site there is a hiking path leading directly to the North Sea.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Tranum Klit Camping.

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