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Tranum Klit Camping
A danish campside in the nature, close to fantastic beaches with activities for the whole family to enjoy

COVID-19 Update

We take the Corona crisis very seriously and have been very much in doubt as to whether we should postpone the opening of the campsite.

Based on an e-mail received from Camping Outdoor Denmark, there’s nothing preventin us opening from opening the site, as long as we follow the guidelines distributed by the Police and the National Board of Health.

We have therefore decided to introduce measures for our own sake as well as yours. We will open up for the season of 2020 at Tranum Klit Camping on Sunday 29/3, however there will be certain changes and guidelines. We have chosen to open, because we believe that fresh air, nature and the North Sea have a beneficial impact on both the body and soul. This does not directly mean that we encourage to camp in these times. It is entirely up to you to assess whether it is sound and safe for your own individual helath. 

Remember to always call or write ahead, in order to make a reservation.

Bread can be ordered in the shop or by SMS 22839506 and paid cash or by MobilePay (a danish transactions application) at the same number.  We will deliver the bread to the campingwagon/tent at around 8.00 in the morning.

That being said, the health board and police guidelines and recommendations MUST be adhered to at all times.

 Do you have symptoms of illness? Stay home.

 Wash hands frequently and thoroughly.

Keep a minimum of 2 meters

Cough or sneeze only into your sleeves.

Respect others who may not have a good immune system.

Toilets / Bathrooms: In all toilets and bathrooms there will be hand spray and soap. In addition, there will be disinfectant cleaners. We ask you to wipe the toilet and the sink before and after your bathroom visit. REMEMBER to use toilet paper for wiping. We will clean the toilets and bathrooms often, but need your help to keep the campsite open. 

The kitchens – playgrounds – the air cushion will be closed until after Easter. 

All activities are canceled at Easter. 

All guidelines provided to us by the authorities will be hung up around the campsite, in Danish, English and German

Scenic campsite in North Jutland

Tranum Klit Camping is a scenic campsite in North Jutland. The campsite is one of the cosiest campsites in the North of Jutland, with walking distance to the Sea and situated in a natural area. The area is known for its rich wildlife, which includes a huge variety of unique danish wildlife. All our campers are very different from each other and we strive to make room for everyone at the campsite. This means that if you like to camp to be yourself, all the sites are well shielded by trees from the outside world, which gives good opportunity for privacy, but at the same time if you like to camp and be social, it is also a opportunity to join the cozy and close community that the campers all take a part of.

Our facilities include two well-placed toilet buildings, one of which is newly renovated in 2019, a brand new playground with a bouncy, a wonderful nature playground, a newly renovated mini golf course, a shop with everything you need for your camping holiday and delicious old-fashioned ice cream waffles with ice cream from Ryå, as well as a party hall where occasionally events are held, which will be updated around the reception.

Camping for the whole family

Here at Tranum Klit Camping we do our best to try to give you the best experience. Our customer service is top notch and we take the campers’ complaints and needs as our first priority – also the children. We have entertainment that the whole family can take advantage of, while there is still the possibility that everyone can enjoy the lovely fresh air and silence that comes with such a scenic area.

Our opinion

In our head a good camping holiday is the holiday where everyone leaves from the campsite with a good experience. That is precisely why we strive to give everyone at the campsite an unforgettable experience. The children can play and enjoy being outdoors and being themselves, while the adults can relax from the stress of everyday life, sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery that comes with the area, without having to think about anything, at all. If you have not experienced this before, we are of the opinion that you should seize this opportunity you have as a camper and go to experience peace and quiet in combination with a beautiful nature and good service.

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